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Searchquery behind "View all properties..." doesn't re-use the result source id (sourceid)


The Searchquery which gets build when clicking on "View all properties..." doesn't re-use the result source id (sourceid).
E.g. if you use the 'Local People Results' result source and click on "View all properties..." the query gets executed without the sourceid, hence falling back to the default 'Local SharePoint Results' result source causing a query modification on the server side which exclude all people results by adding __-ContentClass=urn:content-class:SPSPeople

Instead of all properties for the selected user profile, you will see the messagebox with title "ManagedProperties is empty" and message: "The ManagedProperties property does not contain values. ..."
Closed Mar 10 at 4:25 PM by HoLutz


Wobba wrote Mar 10 at 3:53 PM

Not an issue as all props only work on files/items, not profiles.

wrote Mar 10 at 4:25 PM

Resolved with changeset 31852: Re-use the SourceId for the "View all properties..." query, if a result source was selected before.

wrote Nov 28 at 2:38 PM